Font Vector Graphic Icon Bootstrap

Font Awesome Free Vector Graphic Icons

What is Font Awesome? Easily the largest and commercially open set of vector graphics stored in a font. With this font you can bring hundreds of vector graphics to your web site design or mobile app simply by styling some text — the advantage is clear, the font is loaded once which saves your web or mobile app from making lots of micro-requests to your server for content.

Font Awesome is an open source project and is free (as in beer). The fonts come an a range of categories that includes:

  • Text Editor Icons
  • Directional Icons
  • Video Player Icons
  • Social Icons
  • Medical Icons

The following is an example of the types of vector graphic fonts you can find on Font Awesome:

Font Vector Graphic Icon Bootstrap

Web Application Font Set Source and Download

Font Vector Graphic Icon Bootstrap

Web Application Vector Camera Preview Source and Download

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