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Collection of Mobile Design Patterns for App Ideas

The following is a collection of 11 Mobile design Patterns websites (scroll down) where you can gather inspiration or information on how other designers and developers like yourself have created their apps. Most of these sites contain several screenshots of the popular iOS and Android apps so you can view the onboarding process or if you’d simply like to walkthrough each mobile pattern manually. (more…)

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Shiner Beer Bottle Graphic Design Product Photography

Oh Beautiful Beer Bottle Graphic Design

Personal hobby of one Harvey Shephard, Oh Beautiful Beer celebrates remarkable graphic design from the world of beer. Harvey’s site doesn’t just celebrate bottled beer, he posts about the carton packaging, cans and canned packaging as well as beer logos, crests, lettering and more. Wonderful site for inspiration about bottle design and packaging. (more…)

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Font Vector Graphic Icon Bootstrap

Font Awesome Free Vector Graphic Icons

What is Font Awesome? Easily the largest and commercially open set of vector graphics stored in a font. With this font you can bring hundreds of vector graphics to your web site design or mobile app simply by styling some text — the advantage is clear, the font is loaded once which saves your web or mobile app from making lots of micro-requests to your server for content. (more…)

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Flat UI 3D PSD Mockup Kit Photoshop Download

Flat UI 3D Mockup Kit

Stunning Flat UI 3D Mockup Kit from Milan based UI Designer Frank Rapacciuolo. This collection comes as a multi-part, multi-layered Photoshop PSD file that you can use to present your work in this new flat UI trend. Some of the designs include the iPad, iPhone5, iPad Mini, Thunderbolt Display, iMac, Macbook Pro Retina and Windows phone from Nokia. (more…)

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Facebook Home Breaks The Fourth Wall Of Mobile Design

Inside Apple, Jony Ive is pushing designers to rethink iOS, the software that runs on the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s new direction? Like Microsoft, which has distanced itself from skeuomorphic design, Ive has been pushing “flat design” in Apple’s mobile products. But just because Apple and Microsoft are embracing flatness, don’t let that fool you into thinking the future of mobile user interface design will also be shallow. (more…)

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Sketching for user interfaces

It’s happened again. You’ve decided to make something, but you’re not sure what exactly it should look like yet. You pull out your favourite tool for wireframing, and spend a few minutes doodling. Sometimes that works, but sometimes it doesn’t. Quite often, you run right into a wall. Damn. Stuck again. (more…)

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The Elements of a Design Pattern

Design teams are discovering that a well-built design pattern library makes the user interface development process substantially easier. A quality library means team members have the information they need at their fingertips. Choosing usable components that work smoothly for users becomes the developer’s path of least resistance. (more…)

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Enterprise UI Design Patterns – Part I

I was contracted to a large company to create a UX pattern library. The part of the company that I worked in produced customised websites for a number of the organisation’s clients. Until recently, each project was designed and built on an individual basis which led to difficulties when making changes along with slower design and development. (more…)

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Brand as Context in Interaction Design

I’m sure I was swearing allegiance to one brand over another as soon as I began to develop the capacity for critical thought. Reebok vs. Nike, Coke vs. Pepsi, SEGA vs. Nintendo, Apple vs. Microsoft—these warring companies were more than just brands to me, they were almost systems of belief. (more…)

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The Five Worst UX Mistakes Websites Make

The user experience of websites has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, but I still run into sites that make me ask, “What were they thinking?!”. From a design perspective, it’s easy to get caught up in internal squabbles (“No, no, THIS is the content that has to be front and center”) or distracted by tools or methods (“I say we use lean UX on this project”). (more…)

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