100 New And Free Cool Fonts A Designer Must Download

There are many typefaces options out there, complex and different in styles, and it can be difficult to choose one for a project. How do you actually do that? Firstly, you will have to imagine the impression of the audience, what they will think about it, if it’s appropriate for them and useful in the context of your design design and target audience.

Secondly, you can’t forget about the basic things that you should look for in a font, legibility and readability. The width of the strokes and the presence of the novel type design are aspects that shouldn’t be ignored. Also, in terms of readability, the type style, size, tracking, leading and other properties must be taken into consideration when choosing a font for your designs.
After going through these first two steps, you’ll be thinking about aesthetics.

While a lot of fonts are well designed and look quite nice in their presentation image, they can’t be used all over the place, instead you’ll see that they fit better only in a certain type of designs. You can’t use Attitude (an example from our article) for a document because it won’t be taken seriously.

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