Frequently Asked Questions


So you’re poking around and still have some questions regarding PSDMockups? What you’ll find below is a compiled list of answers to our most common issues and questions from everyday users.

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[1] Is PSDMockups a free service?

PSDMockups is a free service.

PSDMockups follows some of the most talented designers offering free mockups content and we post them here in an easy to find format. And more free content is continuously added every week.


[2] Is Adobe Photoshop required to use PSDMockups?

Yes, Adobe Photoshop is required to use content downloaded from sites we link to.

Adobe Photoshop is required for 99% of the mockups we list on this site.


[3] Do you offer Support for PSDMockups?

Yes we offer client Support via email.

If you’re having issues with our site we are here to help. Please contact us with details and we’ll reply within 24hrs (Mon – Fri). If you are having problems with content you downloaded from a site we linked to you will need to contact that site for help.


[4] Are these mockups commercial free?

Many of the mockups we link to are commercial free, however the mockups also include a mixed bag of required attribution and personal use only clauses. Your best bet is to download the mockups and read the license which is typically included with the content. Optionally, we recommend you refer to the creator of the content on the remote site to confirm if their content is commercial free.