Enyo: Framework for building native-quality HTML5 apps

Enyo 2 has its roots in the framework developed to power the applications on HP’s TouchPad, an innovative device powered by webOS that embraced the web stack as its primary application environment. Over a thousand apps, including the stock applications that shipped with the TouchPad, were built using Enyo 1. Although Enyo was conceived from the start as platform-independent framework, Enyo 1 out of necessity targeted webOS and the TouchPad specifically.

In January 2012, along with open-sourcing Enyo under the Apache 2.0 license, we refocused our efforts on porting Enyo to work with all modern web environments, including iOS, Android, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and IE8+. Enyo 2.0 exited beta and was released widely in July 2012, sporting a beautiful cross-platform UI toolkit, a layout library supporting multi-form factor application designs, and lots of other goodies you can use today to build first-class apps for the web or mobile with native look and feel.