UI Stencil Wireframe Trace Tracing Mobile Application

Sketch Smartphone Mockups with UI Stencils Kits

UI Stencils is an online retailer that sells sketch stencils that allow designers and non-designers to create highly accurate mobile application or website workflows. These stencils allow you to quickly jot down your ideas as perfectly crafted wireframes which remain comprehensive when presented to others. The stencils come with various icons and are often updated to reflet the latest iOS or Android releases.

Pencil on Paper has always been the most efficient method for rapidly prototyping ideas, and UI Stencils allows designers to itterate quickly through interfaces sketches searching for the best workflow for their design.

UI Stencil Wireframe Prototyping Paper Markers

iPhone UI Stencil Wireframe Tracing by UI Stencils

UI Stencil Blocking Wireframe Mockups on Paper

iPad UI Stencil Wireframe Tracing by UI Stencils

Stencil Nexus Android UI Wireframe Kit Paper Sketches

Nexus Android UI Stencil Wireframe Tracing by UI Stencils

Whiteboard UI Wireframe Marker Workflow Sketches

Website Wireframe Tracing for Whiteboards by UI Stencils

This is whiteboarding in style! No more deciphering cryptic scrawls on the whiteboard at the end of a conference — sketches are clean enough that they can be captured onto smartphones and stored for later refrence by all attendees. This kit comes with the basic shapes for rapidly blocking out the various areas in a mobile app or website design, a rugged steel handle is provided allowing the presenter to steadily hold the template up against the whiteboard while tracing.

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