A Lean Approach To Product Validation

By focusing on user research, you’re able to avoid common pitfalls, such as assuming the problem you’re dealing with is a pain point for others, too. Too often, we come across scenarios in which a designer says, “I’m pretty much like the end user, so it’d be safe to design something based on my own needs. Whatever I come up with will probably fit the mould for other users.” Keep in mind that you are not your user. Because you’re too close to the problem, what seems like the perfect solution to you might be a terrible solution for the average user. Tackling the problem you’ve identified could also mean that you’ve spent significant time researching the topic and probably understand it more deeply than the average person. Your view of the problem at hand is now biased, all the more reason why you need input from other users, to ensure you’re solving a real problem and not just one in your head.