Android Mobile App Wireframes

Wireframe Mockups To Inspire Your Mobile Development

Starting a mockup, web site or mobile app design without first creating a series of low fidelity wireframes as a series of design sequences can be a product killer. Good designers start with a pen and paper (or pencil and grid pad, whatever) and hammer out the basics of their product’s service pages or app screens. Wireframes are meant to be quick and dirty and rarely, if ever, represent a final layout arrangement. Wireframes are also devoid of many of the subjective elements such as colours and fonts, this is intentional for a number of reasons, the first of which is that you’re simply trying to get a bead on the direction you want to head in and the second is your client. Clients typically have a very poor sense of anything which is incomplete, show them a sketch with a red title and they will focus in on the red title and start talking about how that isn’t the “company red” etc.

Wireframes are great in agile teams and keep everyone on the same page. Here are some inspirational low fidelity wireframes to get your motivated!

Website Landing Page Wireframes Sketch

Sketchbook Spread by Win Lin

Distiller Mobile App Wireframes Sketch Hand Lettering

Distiller Wireframes by Marty Lavender

SonicSeeds Activity Stream Wireframe Mobile App

SonicSeeds Activity Wireframe by Steven Scarborough

Memolane Landing Page Wireframe

Memolane Wireframe by Nicholas Swanson

Buienradar iOS App Wireframe Sketch

Buienradar Wireframe by Mandy Jansen

Car Sharing Landing Page Wireframe

Landing Page Sketch by Oykun

Primera Wireframe Sketch iOS Mobile App

Primera Wireframe by Luis M Ruiz

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