Visceral Apps and You

For the past few years, I’ve been watching the buzz around various products and trying to figure out just what it was that made them so tantalizing. Obviously, great UI and beautiful graphics are important. The use of white space, typography and functionality are all critical. Great apps also have great attention to detail. It’s important to really nail each of these things

But in addition to all this, there has been this intangible element I couldn’t put my finger on, until now.

So here’s my theory: I believe that introducing visceral elements into an app will take it past the point of just being awesome. It will make your app speak to the subconscious, built-in affinity that humans have for the physical properties I mentioned before. I believe that even if you designed the most perfect and useful app possible, that the act of adding in these visceral elements will make people love your app on an even deeper level.

Let me put it another way:

I believe when properly done, a visceral app actually causes your body to release endorphins.
I’ve heard people describe certain apps as being “alive” and I think this is precisely what they meant. Potential and kinetic. Build-up and release.

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