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User Experience as a Multi Channel Customer Journey

A few years ago, in the “desktop-centric” world of digital design, User Experience Designers focused on the user “visit” to a single digital destination, NOT a multi channel customer journey in which they may encounter several digital touch-points. To be fair to the UX Designers of that era, it probably wasn’t an issue of shortsightedness that led them to limit their focus to the desktop. The most significant limiting factor was likely due to a client budget that was geared towards a channel-specific implementation.
In a single-screen world, the journey seemed more like a short trip.
Has the number of connected screens changed “business as usual”?
Today, mobile and other connected screens are a fundamental component of a client’s total digital strategy; however, these platforms are still treated as if they were separate initiatives, budgets, and business units. This situation illustrates that digital strategy is still often led by the way businesses organise their departments and budgets rather than how consumers are likely to come in contact with a brand digitally.

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