Wireframe UI UX Screenflow Photoshop PSD Mockups Template

Android Wireframe Screen Flow Template PSD Mockup

Another great Android Wireframe resource from UI/UX designer Taylor Ling.

Inspired by a question from the group member within a private G+ community – Android Designers, I decided to spend some time to create a Wireframe Screen Flow Template for Adobe Photoshop that can help Android Developers/Designers to create a complete screen flow for wireframes or mockups. (more…)

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Sketching for user interfaces

It’s happened again. You’ve decided to make something, but you’re not sure what exactly it should look like yet. You pull out your favourite tool for wireframing, and spend a few minutes doodling. Sometimes that works, but sometimes it doesn’t. Quite often, you run right into a wall. Damn. Stuck again. (more…)

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Why Sketchnoting Makes You A Better UX Designer

I haven’t written about sketchnoting much since my article Sketch noting 101: How To Create Awesome Visual Notes, which is kind of silly of me given it’s one of the most popular articles on our site. Part of my hesitation to do so (read excuses, excuses!) is because this is a site about user experience design, and I’ve never been quite sure where sketchnoting fits under the UX umbrella. (more…)

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Don’t let user experience design methods die

This is where I disagree. I started my career in the product world. I worked at big companies, startups, and now an agency. I’ve used (and have observed others using) these “terrible” UX methods very successfully. Ryan is extremely lucky to work at a company like 37signals where personas, user journeys, and wireframes are not needed. (more…)

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