B Format Softcover Book 13mm Spine PSD Mockups

This standing B Format Softcover book mockup presents your non-fiction book designs while in an upright portrait orientation. Measuring 129 x 198 mm, this UK trim size book features a paperboard cover with perfect binding. The spine of this book mockup measures 0.5″ (13mm) thick representing a 150-300 page count. (more…)


Paperback Softcover Book 8 X 10 PSD Mockups

Our softcover mockup is a standing book for visualizing your cover designs. Slightly larger than a standard pocketbook, this compact softcover mockup is rendered in portrait mode in the upright position. As the book rotates, the cover and spine of the book come into view revealing both design surfaces.


Transform your 2D designs into glossy 3D mockups in seconds using Photoshop.

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