Music Mixer UI Mockup

Mixing Station Mockup For Mobile DJ App

Ever wanted to build a DJ mixing Station? Then you’ll need a good base PSD template to get started and the Mobile DJ PSD Mockup from dmonzon is the perfect place to start. This PSD has it all, tuner knobs, mixer knobs, indicator light, digital display, lit power button, aluminium playback controls, speed control buttons, leather background and lots more. (more…)

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Business Card PSD Mockup Template

Free PSD Mockups For Designers

Today we have collected a range of product PSD mockups for your convenience. Mockups are a great way to same time and allows you, the designer, to focus on your work. These mockups simply assist you in the final presentation of that work, and presentation is everything! Unfortunately, that presentation can take as long, and sometimes longer, than creating the original design itself. (more…)

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Android Galaxy mockup Preview

Android Mobile PSD Mockup Templates

Creating a new mobile app can be a lot of fun for designers. For hours, days and weeks we can get embroiled inside our PSD files endlessly tweaking pixels to get that perfect look.However, not everyone wants to start a whole new UI from scratch, especially if the components of the mobile app is based entirely around stock Android GUI widgets. (more…)

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5 Things to Know When Designing for iOS

This seems obvious, but designing apps instead of websites actually represents a huge shift in mindsets. Apps aren’t websites and shouldn’t be designed like them, either. Let’s talk about specifics. Apps have a completely different user interaction model from websites: taps vs. clicks, views vs. pages, buttons vs. links, etc. (more…)

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28 Examples of iPhone App User Interfaces

Attractive and interactive user interface designs are all the rage for smartphone, tablet and other tech savvy device users, therefore the appearance of an application is of utmost importance when it comes to how popular it is going to be. The more well designed, interactive and simple to use an app’s user interface design is, (more…)

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Web User Interface Dark Elements

Dark Web Interface Elements Kit

Fully editable PSD file with dark GUI interface elements perfect for creating web or mobile apps. With a resolution of 326PPI (pixel per inch), this Photoshop document contains enough resolution to drive your designs on an iPad Retina display! (more…)

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