Dingbat Cobogo

Dingbat Cobogó

The Cobogó is the inspiration for the digital font Dingbat Cobogó designed by the brazilian graphic designer Guilherme Luigi. The symbols were created from the synthesis of pierced elements found in photographs by Josivan Rodrigues for his book Cobogó of Pernambuco.  Both have resources from the State Cultural Incentive Fund – FUNCULTURA. (more…)

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The Vector Lab: Gradients & Halftones

TheVectorLab was born in 2008 out of the philosophy that it’s important to spend LESS time in an office sitting at a computer… and MORE time hanging out with family, friends, and being outside in nature. If you have the right tools to help you work more efficiently, then you can put that extra energy and focus towards things that really matter. (more…)

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Facebook Home Breaks The Fourth Wall Of Mobile Design

Inside Apple, Jony Ive is pushing designers to rethink iOS, the software that runs on the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s new direction? Like Microsoft, which has distanced itself from skeuomorphic design, Ive has been pushing “flat design” in Apple’s mobile products. But just because Apple and Microsoft are embracing flatness, don’t let that fool you into thinking the future of mobile user interface design will also be shallow. (more…)

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The Elements of a Design Pattern

Design teams are discovering that a well-built design pattern library makes the user interface development process substantially easier. A quality library means team members have the information they need at their fingertips. Choosing usable components that work smoothly for users becomes the developer’s path of least resistance. (more…)

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Enterprise UI Design Patterns – Part I

I was contracted to a large company to create a UX pattern library. The part of the company that I worked in produced customised websites for a number of the organisation’s clients. Until recently, each project was designed and built on an individual basis which led to difficulties when making changes along with slower design and development. (more…)

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Postcard Patterns: An Agile UI Pattern Creation Process

Traditionally, creating and maintaining a pattern library has been a daunting task requiring extensive resources and, sometimes, dedicated full-time employees. At Salesforce.com our first attempt at producing a comprehensive library was bogged down by a waterfall-based creation and review process that yielded only two patterns in a six-month period. (more…)

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