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Corporate Stationery PSD Mockups for Branding Identity

Corporate stationery branding is one of those fundamental skills that designers excel at, and when the branding is complete it’s usually a 2D document that must be converted into something to “wow” the boss. Branding is a task that can take you weeks and months to nail just right, and if you’re not careful you can spend as many weeks in a photostudio taking photos of generic stationery. (more…)

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Fireworks iPhone Wireframe Template Blueprint Freebie

Free! Adobe FW template for iOS 6 wireframing (blueprints)

No one likes silly gray mockups! Attractive and good looking wireframe helps your idea to be accepted! Hope you guys love Adobe Fireworks as I do, so you can enjoy my blueprint template for iOS app wireframing.

It’s 100% vector and most of these objects made with 9-slice scaling guides. Please, enjoy. As well I would love to receive any suggestions from you about how to make that better. (more…)

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4 Track SONY Cassette Tape PSD Mockup Photoshop

4 Track SONY Tape Cassette PSD Mockup

Ahhh tape. The good old days when Chrome wasn’t a browser but rather the quality of a high end 4 track cassette tape. This PSD Mockup of a SONY cassette tape was created by designer David Navarro and can be downloaded for free. Unfortunately this is not a vector shape object so it will not scale to a higher resolution (ironic since the tape was a low fidelity material compared to today’s CD’s and digital audio tracks). (more…)

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Wireframe UI UX Screenflow Photoshop PSD Mockups Template

Android Wireframe Screen Flow Template PSD Mockup

Another great Android Wireframe resource from UI/UX designer Taylor Ling.

Inspired by a question from the group member within a private G+ community – Android Designers, I decided to spend some time to create a Wireframe Screen Flow Template for Adobe Photoshop that can help Android Developers/Designers to create a complete screen flow for wireframes or mockups. (more…)

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Free Magazine PSD Mockups

We have collected a humble set of high-fidelity Free Magazine PSD Mockups that generate mega-resolution renderings of your magazine designs. These Actions will create glossy faux-3D product shots of your designs in seconds which can then be dropped into your portfolio, marketing presentation or simply to showcase your work on the internet! (more…)

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Visual Brand Identity Mockups

100 days of Brand Spirit Removing Visual Branding

100 days of Brand Spirit was a project by Andrew Miller to take 1 product each day and spray paint it white in an attempt to remove the product branding of the target product while at the same time reduce the product down to its purest form.

The 100 days of Brand Spirit are over, but Polaroid and Underwood are now available as limited edition prints on 20×200. (more…)

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