Facebook Home Breaks The Fourth Wall Of Mobile Design

Inside Apple, Jony Ive is pushing designers to rethink iOS, the software that runs on the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s new direction? Like Microsoft, which has distanced itself from skeuomorphic design, Ive has been pushing “flat design” in Apple’s mobile products. But just because Apple and Microsoft are embracing flatness, don’t let that fool you into thinking the future of mobile user interface design will also be shallow. (more…)

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Magic and Mobile Apps

Apple long ago abandoned its original “Magical and Revolutionary” tagline for the iPad, probably out of some embarrassment at how the word ‘magical’ made so many of us groan. But the more I use, build and learn about touch-based software, the more I think magic is really a key component of this stuff, even if it’s not exclusive to the iPad. (more…)

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An Addictive App That Lets You Rate Anything In Seconds

POLAR IS LIKE INSTAGRAM CROSSED WITH “HOT OR NOT.” AND IT’S AN OBJECT LESSON IN MOBILE DESIGN DONE VERY, VERY RIGHT. Quick, which is better: Lucas or Spielberg? Star Wars or Star Trek? Kobe or LeBron? Internet Explorer or Chrome? You probably have an opinion on each of these questions that’s strongly held enough to make a choice in seconds. (more…)

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If you see a UI walkthrough, they blew it

Clear, Rise and Solar are three examples of a trend of “gesture driven” apps with a flat UI. These are novelty apps for people lusting for the very latest in app design. Besides using a more flat UI style, which is a topic for a different discussion, all apps contain non-standard interactions. This means users don’t know how to use them beforehand, and all start with a multi-step UI walkthrough before you get to use the app. (more…)

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