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Premium PSD Mock-up Magazine Template Cover Action

Premium PSD Mock-up Templates Which Are Free To Download

Designing your mockups can often become a project onto themselves which splits your concentration from focusing on your 2D designs. PSDCovers offers premium mockup templates for free in the form of PSD Cover Actions which render your 2D design work as high resolution product shot renders for showcasing mock-ups in marketing presentations, online portfolios, school projects or print mediums.

Some Actions can take a few moments to render while others take a few minutes, it all depends on which Mock-up template Action you use (not all Actions are created equally!). These free Actions are simple to use, PSDCovers offers a tutorial located here. Once an Action is selected, simply click STEP 1 to render the layout template and drag and drop your designs onto it. Then click STEP 2 to start the rendering process which will result in a glossy product shot moments later.

PSD Mock-up templates are created in fully layered PSD documents which are further customizable to your liking. Layers can be reoriented, opacities can be modified, shadows can be altered — it’s yours to modify!

All PSD Mock-ups on are free and modelled on actual products which were photographed by the site (read about their process here). All mock-up premium resources are free to use, some conditions apply, so be sure to read their terms and commercial agreements!

Here are some of the types of results you can expect from using PSDCovers Actions for generating your Mock-ups:

Mockup Aluminium Sports Water Bottle PSD Mockup Label

Aluminium Sports Water Bottle by Source and Download

Mockup Plastic Detergent Spray Bottle PSD Mockup Label

Plastic Detergent Spray Bottle by Source and Download

Mockup Soft Drink Plastic Soda Bottle PSD Mockup Label

Plastic Soft Drink Soda Bottle by Source and Download

Standing Magazine Mockup PSD

Standing Magazine Mockup Source and Download

Magazine PSD Mockup Template

Magazine PSD Mockup Source and Download

iPhone5 Photoshop Cover Action PSD Mockup

iPhone5 Action PSD Mockup Source and Download

Macbook Pro Retina PSD Mockup Action

Macbook Pro PSD Mockup Source and Download

Premium PSD Mock-up Magazine Template Cover Action

PSD Mock-up Magazine Laying on Flat Surface Source and Download

Cardboard Box Branding Packaging PSD Mockups
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