PNG Express: The fast, precise, and repeatable way to export assets & specs from Photoshop

Design delivery, fast-tracked.

PNG EXPRESS is a Photoshop® plug-in that slices and exports your PSD document to individual PNG, JPG, & SVG assets, and generates matching design specifications with concise information on sizes, distances, font features etc.

It’s easy and flexible with full control for designers, while providing clear and consistent deliverables for developers. That means faster workflow, better communication, and less mistakes along the way.

Export assets in all resolutions

PNG Express makes it incredibly easy to export assets for all web, iOS, and Android densities in one go from any source resolution. You can even export multiple states and variations with automatic file naming and sizing.

The integrated export to Android 9-Patches and Xcode Assets Catalogs, metadata output, and PNG optimization makes asset integration a breeze.

PNG Express gets out of your way while you design, but gives you full control and repeatability of exports. This makes it an ideal tool for iterative workflows and team work.

Create design specs with ease

Creating specifications that clearly spells out the details in your design for developers can be a tedious task. With PNG Express you can create precise specs in just a few minutes!

You can spec any layer or group, but when specc’ing an asset PNG Express is able to reference the filename and use the size of the exported asset when measuring size, distance, and position. This greatly increases the accuracy of your specs.

Specc’ing high density designs is made simple by the option to scale all measurements to the correct scale used by developers. The generated specs are fully editable and easy to reposition.