Marvel And DC Super Heroes As Imagined By Artist Stefani Rennee

Born in Brazil, Stefani Rennee is an incredibly talented artist who loves Marvel and DC Characters. Born to a modest family rush in love, Stefanni is an illustrator and colorist in his spare time. His motivation is to be the best he can be, a better tradesman and improving his art. His goal is to bestow as much emotion in his work as he possibly can, and hopefully, trigger a sense of that emotion in those viewing his work.

Stefanni is constantly pushing himself to be the best, and without guilt or shame, he feels that admitting this openly has caused him to raise the bar on his talent and continue to improve through gained knowledge and techniques.

Mr. Rennee doesn’t know if he’ll ever be the best, but he says he’ll die trying.

The following gallery of work from Stefanni includes many famous figures from both the Marvel and Doctor Comics (DC) Universe of comic books as well as fantasy art, storyboards and a beautify black and white rendering of Audrey Hepburn.

Marvel And DC Super Heroes