Keeping Customers Continuously Infatuated

Any successful and well-received offering first creates an infatuation interval in which customers are fixated on its novelty, seduced by its perceived benefits, and blinded to its potential shortcomings. However, such an interval is by definition fleeting. As the veil of infatuation wears off, customers will no longer feel privileged but instead fully entitled to receive the offering’s benefits.

Their shift in attitude represents the transition to the entitlement period, in which customers will take notice of and express all the things that could make the offering even better for them. If you let your customers enter and then linger in the entitlement period without heeding their suggestions or demands, they will become increasingly critical and at some point turn away from your offering altogether.

To retain customer attention, companies have to continuously refresh the customer experience, introducing new dimensions at just the right time to keep the flame of infatuation burning.