Intercooler JS: Making AJAX as easy as anchor tags

Intercooler is a small (6.74KB gzipped) library that allows you to add AJAX to your application using HTML attributes.

Intercooler supports quite a bit of functionality:

  • It allows you to specify the UI event that triggers the AJAX request
  • It makes progress indicators very simple to add
  • It supports many custom HTTP response headers for things like client-side redirection
  • It has a REST-ful dependency mechanism
  • It has simple AJAX history & back-button support
  • It provides a rich event model

And much more…

These features allow you to build modern web applications with little fuss, using a simple and intuitive REST-ful architecture that ensures good performance, excellent user experience and a minimum of complexity.

It also is very easy to incrementally retrofit intercooler into existing web applications to add AJAX functionality where it is most valuable.