How To Do Product Photography Tutorial Videos

Product mock-ups invariably involve product photography at some point. No matter who you are or what the job is, there is a good chance that the project is based around a product photo or will require taking product photos. In this post we’ll take a look at some photographers who have posted their techniques on YouTube to share their process.

Mark Cleghorn demonstrates the Studio Cubelite

In this video, Mark demonstrates how photographers can use the Studio Cubelite in a controlled environment. He also demonstrates how to light products from above, below, the sides and back. Mark then offers his tricks for controlling shadows and reflections from the product to get that perfect shot. A longer version can be viewed here.

Phillip McCordall demonstrates how to photograph bottles and drinks

Great video on how to make a translucent bottle look very bright. Phillip presents the viewer with his technique on how to get just the right amount of light to be passed through a background which has the shape of the bottle cut into it. The background then only allows the rear light to pass through the bottle shape which in turn makes the bottle appear as if it’s lit from the inside. Very impressive technique.

Kerry Garrison takes you through a typical product shot

This is a product shot of a phone where Kerry explains his preference for f-stops and lighting.

Forrest Tanaka walks you through the planning, setup, shoot, post processing and publishing of your product shot

Tutorial on how to plan the shot of a metallic silvery pen standing on it’s tip with lighting from both sides.

Aaron Nace demonstrates how to do proper beer bottle product photography

In this episode, Aaron’s goes over one method to light a beer bottle. If you are new to product photography, this is a great starter video to learn a few tricks. For effect, the beer bottle is placed on a spinner to create a double-helix effect of water being spun around the bottle.

After the session is complete, Aaron moves to Photoshop in a 2-part tutorial on how to enhance the product mockups. You can view part 2 here, followed by part 3 here.

Mark Wallace on Easy Product Photography

Marks walks you through the process of using and lighting a light tent for the purpose of doing general product photography for selling items on eBay. The tutorial includes using the light tent outdoors in sunlight as well as indoors with man-made lighting.