Hardcover eBooks Hardback Novel PSD Mockup Templates

Hardcover eBook PSD Mock-up Templates

eBooks have at least one thing in common with their Hardcover counterparts — they need cover artwork for advertising. Regardless of whether they will be physically printed and shipped or downloaded online, the cover of the book and how it’s presented will be a similar process in the real-world as in the digital world.

That’s where eBook templates step in. These templates, called PSD Actions, automatically render your eBook cover and spine artwork onto a faux-3D mockup template. In this post we’ll look at several freely downloadable PSD mockup templates from psdcovers.com where mockups of dozens of products and packaging are offered for free to anyone visiting the site.

Hardcover eBooks Hardback Novel PSD Mockup Template Composition

Hardcover eBook Templates by PSDCovers

Standing Hardcover eBook PSD Mockup Template

Standing Hardcover eBook Front View by Source and Download

Standing Hardcover eBook 3 Quarter View

Standing Hardcover eBook Three Quarter View by Source and Download

Hardcover eBook Spine View

Standing Hardcover eBook Spine View by Source and Download

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