Guidelines For The Development Of Accessible Mobile Interfaces (PDF)

In a project funded by the Swedish Internet Fund, Funka has developed guidelines for the development of accessible mobile interfaces. The guidelines are free to use for everyone and we appreciate your comments in the content!

The international accessibility guidelines, WCAG 2.0, is lacking development principles for the mobile interface. At the same time, more and more people regardless of ability surf with a smartphone. This means the need for accessibility knowledge by developers working with mobile interface is increasingly important.

The smartphones have good support for accessibility and often some built-in assistive technology. But still many mistakes are made, because of the lack of skills, documentation and practices. The problems are both in terms of technical accessibility (primarily for users who surf with assistive technology) and pedagogical accessibility (for everyone, but especially important for older people, technology beginners and people with various disabilities such as cognitive impairments, visual impairments and motoric problems).

In this project we have identified, tested and analyzed existing interface, sketched on improvements and tested them with users with different types of disabilities. The work has resulted in guidelines free for anyone to use.