The Full Stack UXer : A New Breed

Everyone that has visited a high-tech job board in the past few years must have stumbled upon the term “full stack developer” here and there. The definition of the term signifies the difference between a full-stack developer and his “regular” colleague: a developer that has knowledge in all of the development cycle layers, well enough to provide solutions for each.

This means the full stack developer knows just enough about infrastructure, development, certain design aspects, UI and even business processes to be successful. They’re a person that would know how to extract assets from a Photoshop file, or do an elevator pitch without mumbling.

Similarly, the field of user experience design has been around just long enough for certain individuals to stick out, ones that are able to provide overall solutions to a variety of areas that are linked to the user experience. They can provide solutions such as being able to design, handle copywriting, figure out code and so on.

So, who is the full stack UXer exactly? And more importantly, are you asking yourself if you’re one?