A-Frame: An open-source framework for creating WebVR experiences with markup

A-Frame is an open-source framework for easily creating WebVR experiences with HTML. It is designed and maintained by the Mozilla VR team (MozVR). A-Frame wraps three.jsand WebGL in HTML custom elements. This enables web developers, designers, and artists to create 3D/VR scenes without having to learn WebGL’s complex low-level API. Because WebGL is ubiquitous in modern browsers on desktop and mobile, A-Frame experiences work across desktop, iOS, Android, and Oculus Rift headsets.

A-Frame features a smooth learning curve between beginner ease of use and advanced developer flexibility. Beginners start with easily understood primitives like cubes, videos, models, and skies. Advanced users can use JavaScript to imperatively create interactive scenes or dive into its underlying entity-component-system pattern, a design pattern popular in the game industry that favors composition over inheritance. Because A-Frame is built around building blocks that can be extended and combined into limitless combinations, it provides a high degree of creative freedom. And being just an abstraction layer, A-Frame is capable of doing anything that three.js can.

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