Enterprise UI Design Patterns – Part I

I was contracted to a large company to create a UX pattern library. The part of the company that I worked in produced customised websites for a number of the organisation’s clients. Until recently, each project was designed and built on an individual basis which led to difficulties when making changes along with slower design and development.

To tackle these challenges, the company was converting to a new content management system (CMS). This allowed them to speed up production but producers were still re-designing common parts across projects which was inefficient. Design would begin from a blank page, acceptance criteria for user acceptance testing (UAT) had to be crafted from scratch each time, and planning estimates were done on the basis of experienced guesses (which tended to be very accurate but only when done by the experts – many on the business side were not in a position to readily provide estimates to clients).

Cardboard Box Branding Packaging PSD Mockups
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