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Why design is becoming more important to business than ever before

Why design is becoming more important to business than ever before

Brand expression is no longer just about what a company says; it’s also about what it does and how it makes the customer feel. In fact, for many of today’s most innovative and up-and-coming brands, it’s the experience that is driving growth and differentiation. These companies are harnessing the power of design to craft experiences that immerse customers in a bigger, emotionally centered idea — an idea reinforced at every stage of the customer journey.

Recently, the BBC launched BBC+ to tie together its digital services into one, manageable, curated experience. Part of a wider effort to join up the customer journey, the move emphasiSes the company’s commitment to delivering better, more personaliSed experiences.

We’re seeing this across industries, with design playing a leading role in the creation of differentiated, end-to-end customer experiences. DPDgroup didn’t just launch a new brand, it expanded its services to make convenience for the customer a reality. Uber Eats offered customers its seamless door-to-door traveling experience, just in lunch form. These are all examples of companies that understand that differentiated, end-to-end experiences have become the expectation, and the new norm.

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