Defining User Experience as Brand Experience

I have found that the best way to think of user experience is as the core of a brand: the reactor or the nucleus. Without good user experience your brand means nothing. But what is a brand? Its most basic definition is the sum of the experiences that a person has with a company or organization. You may be wondering what branding has to do with you the interface designer.

Whether or not you realize it, user interface (and by extension user experience) is as much about the branding of the business as it is about the logo, product, or day-to day business.

User experience is a result – a goal. User interface involves the tools and methods used to create a good user experience. All of our design efforts are focused at accomplishing a task and providing the customer with a positive experience. We cannot approach any two clients’ problems the same way, nor can we hope to solve their user experience issues in the same manner.

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