CSS Hat: Select any Photoshop Layer and get CSS Instantly

Colors, gradients, sizes, borders… All instantly in CSS.

Using CSS over images gives front-end developers many benefits. However it requires a ton of hand-coding to reflect all the layer styles into the code. CSS Hat prevents this pain. It accurately translates layer styles into CSS in a jiffy – no waiting, forget hand-coding, we pinky promise!

Font styles and paragraph styles in a breeze.

Font-family, font-weight, font-size… all the details that really matter in typography. Now you don’t have to inspect each text layer and manually transform it into CSS. CSS Hat will do that for you automatically. Even if the layer has multiple font styles!

At your fingers – get Less, Sass, Stylus, or any other language instantly

Using CSS preprocessors allows you to forget about writing a ton of vendor prefixes for all the different browsers. And that’s why CSS Hat also supports Less, Sass, or Stylus. Even more, create your own code template for your favorite language.

Simple to use and easy to read.

Instead of coding yourself to tears, you get a neatly formatted and color highlighted code. With the preview feature, you are even able to see how it will look like on the web. Make the process even easier – with our enhanced copy functionality you can easily implement small parts of the code.