Cross-Platform Native Apps With A Single Code Set Using Telerik NativeScript

Developing hybrid mobile applications isn’t anything new. PhoneGap, which has now split to become PhoneGap and Apache Cordova, came into existence in 2009. Hybrid frameworks such as Apache Cordova set out to make it easier for developers to create mobile applications by allowing them to use web technologies, namely CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. Many developers are already familiar with these technologies. By using web technologies, these frameworks solved the problem of developers needing to know specific platform languages (Objective-C and Java), as well as the platform APIs. Android and iOS applications could be created from the same code set.

This snippet will find the application version for both Android and iOS. This reduces the number of languages one needs to know, as well as the need for developer diversity. Instead of two developers developing for two platforms, you have one developing for both.
The problem with most of these hybrid frameworks is that they rely heavily on the web view of the device. Not all web views are treated equally, which results in an application performing unpredictably on the thousands of devices that exist. Old devices might not be able to process web code as quickly as new devices.

This is where NativeScript applications come into play.

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