Content First Web Design: What It’s About and How to Get Started

As web designers, we’re constrained by nothing.

I mean, sure, there are screens. There are resolutions. But those aren’t real constraints. You can still make your design a zillion pixels long if you want to. Well, okay, there’s maybe the RGB pallet that’s somewhat limiting when it comes to the possible color range that you can use. But your eye isn’t capable of seeing more colors anyway, so that’s not really a constraint either (unless you’re mantis shrimp).

But content, on the other hand, does impose some serious constraints and limits your creativity in a certain way. Or maybe “limits” is not the best word, but it puts your creativity in a confined box and forces you to operate within that box.

In a very real web design scenario, you will have a specific volume of content to work with. A specific number of headlines, sales messages, body text, and etc. With all that, you can plan out the graphic part of the design better, and thus make sure that every individual piece of content simply fits like it should.