How to Collaborate With Amazing Digital Artists

There is no friend like an artist. And since we usually travel in packs, you can definitely count on your close friends to work on new projects. Always extend an invitation to someone you know and support the local art community.

Illustrator Mitch Frey, who works mostly with art directors and other artists, is familiar with this kind of teamwork. In his experience, he told us:
Working with my (now) longtime friend Cindy Classen has been a key experience for me. She hired me back in ’94, and designs publications while I do the illustrations and her husband, Michael Durham, does the photography. My art informs her design and layout choices and vice versa. In ’97 Enron took over and asked us to go more corporate, so I came up with a new style that fit and Cindy did the same on her end. Amazingly, they allowed me to pitch a new style direction in each of their different phases. Because Cindy and I have figured these things out together, it has been a fruitful collab.