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How Changing the UX 180 Degrees Made Grew Sales By 180%

How Changing the UX 180 Degrees Made Grew Sales By 180%

The main reason behind the redesign was to help new users to get on board, and we excelled. Most of our customers aren’t technical so they easily got lost with the old UI and workflow. The new UI is easy to understand and a much better experience to work with. Also in order to compensate the power users who had to adapt to the new UI and new workflow, were introduced major feature updates and content to keep them on track, enjoying Bannersnack to the fullest.

After the first month, the numbers were shocking.

The conversion rate of free users to PRO users more than doubled. Our users found the value in our app much easier because they found the app more pleasing to use and easier to work with, not to mention the whole lotta content they found in it. The number of banners created increased and the time spent making a banner dropped by ~20 percent.

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