graphicburger corporate branding stationery erasers notebook pencils psd mockups

Corporate Stationery PSD Mockups for Branding Identity

Corporate stationery branding is one of those fundamental skills that designers excel at, and when the branding is complete it’s usually a 2D document that must be converted into something to “wow” the boss. Branding is a task that can take you weeks and months to nail just right, and if you’re not careful you can spend as many weeks in a photostudio taking photos of generic stationery. (more…)

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Inside interior flyer brochure 3 panel tri-fold psd mockups

3 Panel Tri Fold Brochure PSD Mockups

Looking to sample your artwork on 3 Panel tri fold flyers before preseting to a client? The mockups below are perfectly suited to perform that task for you. These Photoshop mockup templates allow any designer to turn their 2D work into a beautiful glossy faux 3D product shot of a tri-fold brochure in seconds. These PSD Mockups come with inside and outside views so you can quickly render prototypes and visualize how the final product will look as a printed product. (more…)

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Pixeden iPhone 5C 3/4 PSD Mockup

iPhone PSD Mockup Collection

The following is a humble collection of avaiable iPhone 5, 5C and 5S mockups. These mockups are provided as PSD documents and offer a wide gamut of angles ensuring that at least 1 will meet your needs. Designers will appreciate the ability to manipulate these files whcih all support multiple Layers for easy modifications to colour, shadows, screen content and backgrounds (none of these mockups are flattened to the background). (more…)

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PSD Mockup GUI Kit Flatastic Download

Flatastic Mobile UI Kit

The Design Inspiration has released Flatastic, a new set of highly detailed GUI components for mobile application mockups and rapid prototyping. The entire set comes as a high resolution PSD with layers as vector shapes that are perfectly suited for standard resolution Android devices and high resolution Retina capable iOS iPhones. (more…)

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Apple iOS iPhone iPad iPod Touch Shuffle Nano G5 Thunderbolt

Flat Apple Device Mockups

A nice collection of flat designs representing the various products from Apple including the Shuffle, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and others. These designs come courtesy of Mirko Monti via his Dribbble account and are provided as a vector EPS document or as a Photoshop file with vector shapes. All designs are free to use and share. (more…)

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UI Stencil Wireframe Trace Tracing Mobile Application

Sketch Smartphone Mockups with UI Stencils Kits

UI Stencils is an online retailer that sells sketch stencils that allow designers and non-designers to create highly accurate mobile application or website workflows. These stencils allow you to quickly jot down your ideas as perfectly crafted wireframes which remain comprehensive when presented to others. The stencils come with various icons and are often updated to reflet the latest iOS or Android releases. (more…)

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Hardcover eBooks Hardback Novel PSD Mockup Templates

Hardcover eBook PSD Mock-up Templates

eBooks have at least one thing in common with their Hardcover counterparts — they need cover artwork for advertising. Regardless of whether they will be physically printed and shipped or downloaded online, the cover of the book and how it’s presented will be a similar process in the real-world as in the digital world. (more…)

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Product Mockup Photography

How To Do Product Photography Tutorial Videos

Product mock-ups invariably involve product photography at some point. No matter who you are or what the job is, there is a good chance that the project is based around a product photo or will require taking product photos. In this post we’ll take a look at some photographers who have posted their techniques on YouTube to share their process. (more…)

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Premium PSD Mock-up Magazine Template Cover Action

Premium PSD Mock-up Templates Which Are Free To Download

Designing your mockups can often become a project onto themselves which splits your concentration from focusing on your 2D designs. PSDCovers offers premium mockup templates for free in the form of PSD Cover Actions which render your 2D design work as high resolution product shot renders for showcasing mock-ups in marketing presentations, online portfolios, school projects or print mediums. (more…)

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Knobs Dials Equalizers Sliders Toggles Switches PSD UI

Knobs Dials Equalizers Sliders Toggles PSD UI

Have a requirement for dials, switches, knobs, sliders, toggles and more? We’ve collected a small sample of the best PSD knob GUIs we could find on the web. Some a free and some are paid (very affordable). These PSD gui kits are great for building mobile apps that require hyper realistic elements for audio, tuner, mixer or playback apps. (more…)

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