Judge Slams Photographer For Bogus Copyright Lawsuit: Says Use Some Common Sense, Points Out ‘Utter Lack Of Similarity’

In this case, the dictates of good eyes and common sense lead inexorably to the conclusion that there is no substantial similarity between Plaintiff’s works and the allegedly infringing compositions of McGinley. Although the Court declines to conduct an exhaustive inventory of the 150 allegedly infringing images, a representative sample illustrates and confirms this result. (more…)

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Understanding Copyright And Licenses

When we create something — let’s say a photograph — we own the copyright, which is our exclusive right as the author to own that work. We control who else can use our work and in what manner. For example, I could allow someone to print my photograph or adapt it in a piece of art. Rather than establishing verbal agreements, I can distribute my work with a license that sets the guidelines for use. (more…)

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U.S. Design Patent for Typeface Design

Spring 1997
Frank J. Martinez, Esq.

Inevitably, when artists in any creative endeavor which involves computers get together, the conversation will turn to the nature of your work and money, how to protect your work and money, and piracy and money. However, not necessarily in that order. While at the AtypI Conference in the Hague, I had different versions of this conversation several times. (more…)

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Research and Remixes the Law Won’t Allow

Some day, your life may depend on the work of a security researcher. Whether it’s a simple malfunction in a piece of computerized medical equipment or a malicious compromise of your networked car, it’s critically important that people working in security can find and fix the problem before the worst happens. (more…)

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Legalities℠ is a regular column for AIGA|SF by OW&E member Linda Joy Kattwinkel, who is herself a visual artist and former graphic artist. In the column, Linda Joy specifically answers questions raised by visual artists, but many of the issues are equally applicable to those who create or utilize works in all creative disciplines. (more…)

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Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails is a website where hundreds of thousands of emailers come to get inspired to be better but probably just come to procrastinate doing their own work. We are okay with that. Whatever gives people their jollies. We are glad that we can be part of that improvement/laziness in their lives.

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