Fontello – icon font scissors

This tool lets you combine icon webfonts for your own project. With fontello you can:

  1. shrink glyph collections, minimizing font size
  2. merge symbols from several fonts into a single file
  3. access large sets of professional-grade open source icons


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Calluna Regular Free Font

Calluna is an eight font, serif family by exljbris Font Foundry. This corporate typeface has extensive OpenType support including 1 additional stylistic sets, Contextual Alternates, Lining Figures and Standard Ligatures giving you plenty of options to allow you to create something truly unique and special. (more…)

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Friday Fresh Free Fonts – Regencie, Kankin

Friday fresh free fonts is a series of free fonts posted every Friday, yes I know it’s awesome. I will look forward to bring a lot of great fonts that will sure help you improve your typography work. Check out what I selected for you on this FFFF post and make sure to comeback for more next week. (more…)

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The Sketchnote Typeface

The Sketchnote Typeface was born of necessity: Rohde needed a series of hand-drawn fonts to produce his book. So from the get-go, the typeface was made to be practi­cal, to convey the human char­acter of Rohde’s hand­writing and unique letter­ing but with all the benefits of digi­tal fonts. The family has four fonts: Sketchnote Text in Reg­ular, Bold and Italic, plus Sketchnote Square. (more…)

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The 100 best free fonts

We’ve scoured the web to present you with a fine and varied selection of free fonts. Including scripts, serifs, and a range of ligatures, these fonts will give you greater flexibility in your designs, and add to your arsenal of design tools. (more…)

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The 100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2014

Here we are, once again, with our now-famous selection of the top 100 free fonts for 2014. This year we have only selected fonts published or updated in late 2013 and 2014, giving you one of the most up-to-date lists around. The majority are completely free with licenses for commercial use; the odd few available for personal use only have extended license options at a very reasonable price. (more…)

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30 Amazing Free Sleek Fonts for Minimalist Design

In this post we will share 30 amazing free sleek fonts for minimalist design. We believe that minimalist concept will always be used and applied by a lot of designers to their design. One of the most important things that you should pay attention in minimalist design is the typography. Usually to achieve a great minimalist design you should use a sleek fonts. (more…)

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100 Best Free Fonts

Our fonts section of the site is one of the most popular parts of the site. Readers download some of the fonts we’ve posted tens of thousands of times. So here is a massive selection of some of the best free fonts available on the web. (more…)

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