Shiner Beer Bottle Graphic Design Product Photography

Oh Beautiful Beer Bottle Graphic Design

Personal hobby of one Harvey Shephard, Oh Beautiful Beer celebrates remarkable graphic design from the world of beer. Harvey’s site doesn’t just celebrate bottled beer, he posts about the carton packaging, cans and canned packaging as well as beer logos, crests, lettering and more. Wonderful site for inspiration about bottle design and packaging. (more…)

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Visual Brand Identity Mockups

100 days of Brand Spirit Removing Visual Branding

100 days of Brand Spirit was a project by Andrew Miller to take 1 product each day and spray paint it white in an attempt to remove the product branding of the target product while at the same time reduce the product down to its purest form.

The 100 days of Brand Spirit are over, but Polaroid and Underwood are now available as limited edition prints on 20×200. (more…)

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Magic and Mobile Apps

Apple long ago abandoned its original “Magical and Revolutionary” tagline for the iPad, probably out of some embarrassment at how the word ‘magical’ made so many of us groan. But the more I use, build and learn about touch-based software, the more I think magic is really a key component of this stuff, even if it’s not exclusive to the iPad. (more…)

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Planning Your Web Design With Sketches

Sketching has some advantages to digital wireframes or even digital drawing. It’s portable, approachable, creative and time-tested. There’s nothing simpler than paper and pencil — or pen. I’ve found, too, that clients tend to find the work informal enough that they can suggest changes and make edits. (more…)

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