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Interview with Benjamin De Cock @ Stripe

Interview with Designer Benjamin De Cock @ Stripe

What’s it like working at Stripe?

From a designer’s perspective, it’s ridiculously good. The founders understand and care about design to an unreasonable degree, which is remarkable considering the very nature of our product (basically a payments API). More generally, I feel like there’s a culture of excellence, of naturally going the extra mile, which is inspiring and motivating for everyone. (more…)

Jean Grey Summer Dark Phoenix XMen

Marvel And DC Super Heroes As Imagined By Artist Stefani Rennee

Born in Brazil, Stefani Rennee is an incredibly talented artist who loves Marvel and DC Characters. Born to a modest family rush in love, Stefanni is an illustrator and colorist in his spare time. His motivation is to be the best he can be, a better tradesman and improving his art. (more…)

Visual Brand Identity Mockups

100 days of Brand Spirit Removing Visual Branding

100 days of Brand Spirit was a project by Andrew Miller to take 1 product each day and spray paint it white in an attempt to remove the product branding of the target product while at the same time reduce the product down to its purest form.

The 100 days of Brand Spirit are over, but Polaroid and Underwood are now available as limited edition prints on 20×200. (more…)


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