Squaw by Brain Mash

Brain Mash Art Design Studio

“Brain mash” is an art design studio. We prefer to define ourselves not as а “company” but as а “community”. We have teamed up free artists and designers; each of them has his own art vision, professionalism and huge experience. They are devotees of their business and perform set tasks with the utmost seriousness and dedication. (more…)

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Wormworld by Daniel Lieske

Wormworld Saga Digital Graphic Novel by Daniel Lieske

Here you’ll find some of Daniel’s pieces for his graphic novel, which you find online at WormWorldSaga.com. I really urge you to go there and read it, because it’s amazing and beautiful and it should really be appreciated by many people. And of course, for more of Daniel’s art you may visit his DeviantART portfolio.

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The Vault by Eytan Zana

Wicked Concept Artworks by Eytan Zana

Eytan is a concept artist at Naughty Dog, the badass company that developed games like The Last of Us and the Uncharted series. He has made amazing concept pieces for these games, and some others as well. He’s got an amazing style, really worth checking out.

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Interview with Benjamin De Cock @ Stripe

Interview with Designer Benjamin De Cock @ Stripe

What’s it like working at Stripe?

From a designer’s perspective, it’s ridiculously good. The founders understand and care about design to an unreasonable degree, which is remarkable considering the very nature of our product (basically a payments API). More generally, I feel like there’s a culture of excellence, of naturally going the extra mile, which is inspiring and motivating for everyone. (more…)

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Tokyo Bousai by Nosigner, Japan

Tokyo Bousai by Nosigner, Japan

Tokyo Bousai is a disaster preparedness pack compiled by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government that outlines the steps to take in preparation for and in response to an earthquake or other major disaster in Tokyo and the surrounding area. The pack was sent out to over 7.5 million households and was designed by Nosigner working in collaboration with Dentsu Inc. It features maps, stickers and leaflet, and a manual that mixes impactful colour and type with detailed illustration, manga, rhino character and flipbook animation.

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Visual Brand Identity Mockups

100 days of Brand Spirit Removing Visual Branding

100 days of Brand Spirit was a project by Andrew Miller to take 1 product each day and spray paint it white in an attempt to remove the product branding of the target product while at the same time reduce the product down to its purest form.

The 100 days of Brand Spirit are over, but Polaroid and Underwood are now available as limited edition prints on 20×200. (more…)

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