Basic Guidelines to Product Sketching

To be skillful in something, it requires a lot of effort and time which is not an exception when it comes to product sketching. The most important thing to know before you start sketching is to actually understand whether you are really interested in this subject. You have to feel excitement and joy once a pen/pencil is in your hands. There will be times when only love for sketching will keep you going through rough days.

Product designers depend a lot on materials they use for creating sketches. By choosing appropriate equipment it is possible to express your ideas in the best way and create a visual connection of your product with clients. There is no need to buy expensive materials in order to create magnificent sketches. Even with a one grey marker, professional designers can produce breathtaking art pieces. A basic equipment is to have three grey markers that are 20 % away from each other. For example, 10%, 30% and 50 % markers. It is enough to have three primary color markers – yellow, blue and red. If you have a budget to buy more markers choose secondary colors like green and orange. Also, don’t forget to buy a black marker. The most popular marker brands for product sketching are Copic Markers, Prismacolor markers and Letraset markers. You will also need some black fine liners and ballpoint pens for contours. The best thing is to experiment yourself and find the right pen that works for you.