Android Galaxy mockup Preview

Android Mobile PSD Mockup Templates

Creating a new mobile app can be a lot of fun for designers. For hours, days and weeks we can get embroiled inside our PSD files endlessly tweaking pixels to get that perfect look.However, not everyone wants to start a whole new UI from scratch, especially if the components of the mobile app is based entirely around stock Android GUI widgets. For those jobs, rebuilding components in Photoshop can be a time consuming effort that is best avoided, after all, designers should be spending their time focused on their work and not on peripheral tasks that take time away from our mockups.

Below you’ll find a series of Android GUI templates, mostly available as Photoshop PSD files. Review and save whatever templates you feel will save you time on your current or future mobile apps.

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Galaxy Nexus PSD Mockup

Nexus PSD Mockup by slaveoffear

Android GUI PSD Mockup Template

Android 2.2 GUI by thiago-silva

Android GUI PSD Mockup Template

Android 2.3 GUI by thiago-silva

Android 4.0 GUI Design Kits in PSD

Android 4.0 by ghost301

Android Galaxy Nexus 3 Mockup PSD

Galaxy Nexus 3 by azispradana

android 2.3.4 gui psd mockups

Android GUI by teehan+lax

Android GUI PSD

Android GUI 1.0 by matcheck

Android Mockup Fireworks Template Pre

Android Template by unitid

Android UX Tester Mockup Usability Stencil

UXTester Mockup by UXTester

Cardboard Box Branding Packaging PSD Mockups
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