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25+ Fascinating PSD Business Card Templates

A business card is a small trademark, a sort of small advertisement of your business that you can carry in your pocket and give it to any interested client or business contact. Business cards carry business information about your company or about yourself. They are shared during formal introductions to make things convenient or simply as a memory aid.

Although there is no strict format of creating a business card but usually it contains information such as your business’s name, postal address, telephone number, fax number, email id and website. Since there are no strict rules, minor variations can be observed. For example some businesses also add their social media URLs to their business cards. (Social media websites help you to do that. For example Facebook has an option whence you can make your business’s page URL to look something like Business.) A good way to save time and remember all of the things that should be mentioned when it comes to designing a business card is to take advantage of well designed Business Card Templates like these.

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