10 Tried & Tested Agile Development Tips

10 Tried & Tested Agile Development Tips

Moving to Shorter Development and Test Cycles
Development hell pervades many software, including major ones. There are also times when long development cycles result in features that are ultimately rejected by users, which makes that whole cycle a big waste of time and money that the company may not be able to recover from right away. A good way to mitigate these threats is to shorten development and test cycles.

Since Agile Development is all about getting things going as quickly as possible, including the influx of feedback, it’s important to have shorter development cycles to come up with the “minimal viable product“. This gives users something to sink their teeth into and be able to give feedback accordingly, which can then be addressed in the next build.

Achieving Automation from Day One

Also known as AD1, this is a lofty goal that can definitely make things go faster if you get everything set up as soon as possible. Realistically, you may be able to automate everything by the second or third year if you’re good, but at least you should keep getting it finished on day one whenever possible.
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It’s a time saver, and even a life saver if you think about it hard enough. Having simple processes made automatic can really help developers and other members from having to deal with needless busywork.

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